Short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, no more buses or buses with license plates… It is your property, has been bought in tranches by it or is the subject of a long-term lease you intervene IEA with tax transparency that depreciates the assets and transfers their property to the end consumer by a type of leasing. The lease between FSBesitzG and FSBG was considered a potential state aid to FSBG. Neither Spain nor the third parties mentioned any other circumstances in which the tax authorities could pre-authorize a lease. Nor did it receive a convincing explanation as to why this assumption would only be reasonable if the lease had been previously approved by the tax authorities. It replaces a contribution that is not included in the balance sheet, which is already included in the lease for the Molyre vessel. Anticipated amortization of assets acquired under a financial lease (Article 115, paragraph 11, and Article 48, paragraph 4, of the TRLIS and Article 49, results: 197. You guessed it: 197. Response time: 180 ms. .

This benefit can only be obtained if the vessel is acquired through a financing lease previously approved by the tax authorities. De jure, an early amortization can be taken into account for a large number of assets that could be supported by a financing lease.

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