In order for the international agreement to be considered a court order, the reluctant party must present the international settlement agreement (or a certified copy) with evidence that the international transaction agreement is the result of mediation such as: Summary Title 20. Internal Relations“ Chapter 6. Divorce, Confirmation and Cancellation “ No. 20-109.1. Confirmation, ratification and inclusion by reference to an agreement between the parties The convention will enter into force six months after ratification by three signatory states. It will therefore only take another signatory state to table its ratification instrument at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The Mediation Bill provides that the parties may ask the Singapore Supreme Court to note an international mediation agreement as a court decision to enforce the Singapore agreement or, by referring to the agreement, in a legal proceeding in Singapore, as a defence of an application already resolved by the agreement. The Article 1 convention applies to written comparative agreements resulting from the mediation of an international trade dispute at the time of its conclusion: if a state ratifies it, the convention will enter into force in such a State six months after its ratification or accession to the Convention. For more details on when and how the new convention will work (including the international „comparison agreement“), see our previous interventions here and here. Tomorrow will mark an important day for dispute resolution users, as the Singapore Mediation Convention enters into force, just over a year after the signing ceremony on August 7, 2019. The objective of UNCLOS Working Group II, which is to establish an international system for the implementation of mediation institutions, which is largely similar to the 1958 New York Convention on the Enforcement of Arbitration Awards, was finally implemented after several years of efforts to provide dispute resolution actors with a speedy tool cost and efficiency. On 5 May 2020, Saudi Arabia ratified the UN Convention on International Comparison Agreements, which results from mediation and will enter into force in Saudi Arabia on 5 November 2020.

The Convention provides an effective mechanism for enforcing international comparison agreements that result from mediation. Following the ratification of the convention by Saudi Arabia, international comparison agreements under the Convention relating to assets in Saudi Arabia can be applied directly by the Saudi courts. b) This agreement does not apply to transaction agreements in which it participates or to which public authorities or persons acting on behalf of a government authority are parties, to the extent specified in the declaration. On 25 February 2020, Edwin Tong Chun Fai, Minister of State of Singapore, and Ambassador Satyendra Prasad of Fiji, were the first country to table its instrument for ratification of the Singapore Convention (also known as the UN Agreement on International Agreements on Mediation), which provides for the direct and accelerated implementation of international settlement agreements through mediation.

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