The role of an agent is to ensure the best interests of his client. In the case of a real estate buyer, the broker must try to get the buyer of the property they want at a price they can afford. First, Brattleboro Buyer Brokerage will conduct a complete real estate search for anyone who requests it. It`s our way of demonstrating our service. If you want to continue, we can establish an agency relationship, an exclusive right of representation. Many buyers have told me that the first time they call an ordinary agent, that he or she is attentive, he returns calls and sends cards. Later, after 3 or 4 weeks, fewer list sheets arrive, it takes longer for the agent to return calls, and sometimes messages are ignored. What for? Because if you call an ordinary agent who focuses on selling his offers, you are not a customer, but a lead. The phone rings, it`s a lead. The phone rings again… Another advance.

And another, and another. At Brattleboro Buyer Brokerage, we have found objective ways to maintain priorities so that we focus on a smaller number of customers. With the entry into an exclusive right of representation, we accept a small retainer. When you buy a property, we make you retain and our compensation is carried out by the transaction, usually as a fraction of commissions co-brokers with the list agency. The retainer is guaranteed to your satisfaction, so that if, for some reason or for no reason, if you tell us that you are not satisfied with our service, we would immediately make the retainer completely, without questions, and terminate the agency relationship. However, if you are convinced that we have worked hard, but for some reason, if you have changed your mind and decided not to continue buying real estate, we would keep the retainer as compensation for time and effort. Obviously, someone who likes to walk around with a realtor on the weekends isn`t going to write a retainer check. This system gives us an objective basis for deciding who is getting our attention and giving the serious buyer an opportunity to receive the professional care they want and deserve. Seller: I was recently approached by a buyer broker whose buyer is very interested in our home (they saw our listing in your magazine). However, the realtor insists that I agree to pay a 3% commission if your buyer buys our house – or she won`t show it to them. Does it work for the buyer`s brokers? I thought the buyer was paying his fees.

— R.L., Westford Buyer brokers can work in different ways — it depends on their agreement with the buyer.

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