The workshop is aimed at those who negotiate consortium agreements: research managers, consultants and contractors. It will be limited to 24 participants to allow for a high level of interaction and plenty of time to ask questions. Note: People who need information on the financial aspects of H2020 should participate in our „Finance in Horizon 2020“ workshop. Type consortium agreements are not approved by the Commission; these are model agreements developed by different organisations as models and can be used as checklists, starting points or framework conditions for the development of a consortium agreement that meets the specific criteria, needs and requirements of the partners and projects involved. These are not unitary agreements. 09:30 Roles and procedures in the Community Grant Agreement: coordinator, consortium and beneficiaries: reports, suspension and closure of the project; Changes to Horizon 2020`s participation and dissemination rules require consortium members to enter into an internal agreement (called a consortium agreement) to define their rights and obligations with respect to the implementation and organization of the action in accordance with the grant agreement. The consortium agreement is a private agreement between the recipients of the Horizon 2020 grant. 15:15 IP in the consortium contract: access to the background you need; Sharing results or access restrictions Paying royalties or not; Only three joint technology initiatives (JTIs) – Clean Sky 2, ECSEL and the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2 – offer on their websites their own agreement to consortium models for funded projects. These models are due in particular to the partially derogatory provisions provided for in the ITCs.

B with regard to intellectual property rights under IMI 2. 13:30 Intellectual property (IP) in the EC grant agreement: ownership, protection, context included and excluded, access to results, transfer of intellectual property and access for associated companies Members of THE DIGITALEUROPE COMPANY have published a new model of consortium agreement for Horizon 2020 projects: MCARD-2020. 11:15 Project Administration: what the consortium agreements say about the boards of directors, committees and coordinator; Decision-making and vetoing; Planning, reporting, redistribution of budgets and payment planning As part of Horizon 2020, msCA-ITN also has model-based consortium agreements for the first time.

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