The move to electronic signatures will, of course, have positive effects on reducing costs, reducing the cost of materials and optimising the number of people involved in administrative tasks. The electronic signature is the logical continuation of your digital transition. Better yet, it is definitely one of the easiest steps to provide inside your structure. Simple software, PDF documents and SMS allow you to scan all your contract processes. As we have seen, the benefits are multiple in terms of safety, productivity, cost, ecology, but also in terms of the company`s image and customer relations. Come on, come on! Online signature allows you to send documents to be signed by e-mail to all signatories at the same time. You can read them on your computer, phone or tablet, and then sign them in seconds with a security code sent by SMS. Everyone involved will be informed of the signed documents and will be able to continue the process, which will greatly improve the responsiveness of your services. Beyond the purely material aspect of the contract, it is the entire carbon footprint associated with the treatment that can be reduced by electronic signature.

You can reduce the number of documents you print, the number of emails you send, the number of round trips to the signatories you create. Administrative processes and contracting procedures are among the elements that require significant use of resources and can therefore have a lasting impact on the environment. Online signature is therefore a solution that reduces these effects. It is consistently part of a process to reduce the company`s carbon footprint. The main objective of digital transition processes is the use of digital tools to improve the efficiency of our working methods. The electronic signature is of course no exception. With word processing, you can get rid of your typewriter, CRM, to throw away your „customer card box.“ E-mails, ERP, logistics systems, all these new tools have allowed you to automate, but also to optimize purely administrative and often time-consuming tasks! If the online signature is done with a certified solution, it guarantees the security of your contracts and allows you to keep in a safe place the elements that testify to the agreement and the identity of the signatories.

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