3.4 Except in 3.3 above, the Commission may terminate this licensing agreement by notifying the licensee that it expires in writing on the Sunday following the date of notification. This communication generally warns no less than seven days before the licence is repealed. 1.3 A valid parking card issued by the City Council is visible at all times on the windshield of the vehicle, which is parked on the ground. The owner agrees that if they have to cancel a driver`s reservation and the circumstances are not exceptional or are not outside the proper control of the owner, the driver is entitled to a full refund (if an appropriate alternative cannot be agreed by the event assistance team) and the owner also agrees to lighten any additional costs to be paid by the driver for appropriate alternative parking options (up to a maximum of USD 50) day, if the car park is located in the UK or 75 USD per day if the car park is outside the UK. The owner grants the driver a license for the use and occupancy of the car park during the licence term, as stated in the confirmation email. The driver is not the owner`s tenant and has not obtained exclusive ownership of the car park. all additional costs incurred by the space owner as a result of overcrowding up to a maximum of $200 or $270. 1.4 Parking should not be used to carry out repairs on the vehicle without routine maintenance. 1.2 The parking card issued by this licence agreement applies only to the vehicle designated in the application and is not transferable. Event Support Team is the owner`s agent for the purposes of this agreement, but not the owner. This agreement exists between the driver and the owner (for details on the conditions applicable between the driver`s team and the event assistance team, see the driving contract or the applicable conditions between the owner and the event assistance team, see parking space owner contract). Event Support Team is a third-party prospective beneficiary of this agreement, but has no obligation to the driver or owner under this contract.

At the time of booking, the driver must pay a first booking deposit or the licence fee for the first month. All subsequent payments to the owner must be paid every 30 days in advance. All payments owed to the owner by the driver must be paid to the event assistance team which has the right to recover all these payments on behalf of the owner. 3.2 The City Council will announce any changes to the weekly parking fee four weeks in advance. HomeParkingParking Parking Permit Parking Permit License If the owner must cancel the driver`s reservation due to exceptional circumstances that are not subject to the appropriate owner`s control, the owner agrees to inform the event assistance team. The parties agree that the event support team will be responsible for contacting the runner with suggestions for an appropriate alternative parking lot that will be made available by another registered event assistance team owner.

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