Bonds are part of the portfolios of many investors held either in the form of securities of value or through funds (for example. B investment fund). An important consideration for bond investments is the rating of a loan by a nationally recognized rating company. Investors consider these ratings when evaluating potential investments, but it is important to look beyond simply rating when considering investing in a bond or bond fund portfolio. Click on the title to download a copy to better understand what you need to pay attention to when investing in bonds. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular with retail investors. But what are ETFs? What are the risks associated with ETFs that are right for you? Download a copy of this bilateral investor warning on ETFs. With the increase in global energy demand and the desire for energy independence, investments in traditional and alternative energy resources are more often encouraged and more attractive to investors. Examples include wind turbines, solar panels, biodiesel, ethanol, coal, oil, gas, hydrogen, waves, geothermal, oil sands and liquefied natural gas. These investments are high risk and are not suitable for all investors. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous developers to follow the headlines and exploit ignorant investors through fraudulent practices. Download a copy of this bilateral investor alert to learn more about energy investments and how to protect yourself from fraud. On 15 September, the government announced that it had signed a revised agreement in principle with EDF for the project.

While the agreed cfD was still in place, the government imposed „significant new guarantees for future foreign investment in critical infrastructure.“ Under federal and national law, it is now possible for entrepreneurs to raise capital by offering to sell shares in their businesses over the Internet. However, federal and federal crowdfunding laws impose restrictions on how and to whom a small business can sell its securities. Download a copy of this recommendation to find out what every business owner should know, to find out if crowdfunding is right for you and your business. Unicorns are not just fairy tissues; Some financial unicorns exist today. But investments in unicorns are speculative and are generally not available to small investors. Retail investors who wish to bet on the unicorn can do so indirectly through an investment fund, a listed fund or a business development company. But beware; Investing in unicorns is risky. This investment can bite. Click on the title to download a copy of this investor warning to better understand these investments and their risks.

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