The agreement provides for the creation of an UNTT in South Sudan. This RTGoNU is responsible for governing for a 36-month transition period that begins eight months after the signing of the R-ARCSS. Democratic elections will be held 60 days before the end of the transition period. The same agreement also provides for a single executive chairman (Kiir), a first vice-president (Machar) and four vice-presidents appointed by TGoNU, SSOA, the current TGoNU and former detainees. While the first vice-president is responsible for tasking the cabinet group for governance issues, the other four vice-presidents will mandate their assigned clusters of firms: the economic cluster, the distribution service, the infrastructure cluster and the Gender and Youth cluster. The legitimacy of the R-ARCSS is another facilitator. In general, the agreement is strongly locally responsible and it appears that there is a regional and international consensus that the peace pact is acceptable. While the international community seems skeptical of the historic trend of violations of the peace agreement in South Sudan – understandably – it has pledged to support the peace process. The troika of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Norway expressed „concern about the commitment of the parties to the agreement“17, but acknowledged that the agreement was essential to combating peace and security in South Sudan, while the UN spokesman for the Secretary-General of South Sudan hailed the peace pact as „a positive and significant development“.

, because it often helps to mobilize the support needed for the sustainability and sustainability of peace agreements. One of the most frustrating phenomena in the history of the conflict in South Sudan has been the unwillingness of the parties to the peace agreements to implement what they had agreed in good faith. Over the course of most years, agreements are partially, selective and deficient for obvious political reasons. It`s a potential obstacle. A recent example is Kiir`s announcement of the Republic Order Number 17 on September 27, 2018.

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