If, after May 15, 1923, amounts were recovered for fiscal years prior to the 1922-23 fiscal year, the amount is refunded to those affected as soon as the contract comes into force. One hundred years ago, French, British and Italian officials gathered in a famous porcelain factory southwest of Paris to divide the Ottoman Empire. Signed on August 10, 1920, the Treaty of Sevres ended months of well-diversified negotiations among the victors of the First World War and paved the way for the reshaping of the modern Middle East. It imposed conditions on the defeated Ottomans, widely considered even more punishable than the measures imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versaille earlier this year, and forced the Empire to restore all its claims to the lands of the Middle East and North Africa. Regarding the articulation of the end of the agreement with political tensions between Turkey and certain European Union countries, observers ask: „Is there an article in international law that provides for the validity of international treaties only for 100 years?“ and noted that „Germany denounced the Treaty 20 years after its signing, 20 years after its signing, 20 years after its signing?“ , is it possible for Turkey to do so? The governments concerned, by appointment, appoint a secretary general for each court and each join one or more secretaries. The Secretary-General and the Secretaries are subject to the orders of the Tribunal, which, with the agreement of the governments concerned, has the power to hire anyone he or she needs. In the absence of an agreement within two months of the entry into force of this Treaty, the President is appointed, at the request of one of the governments concerned, by the President of the Permanent Court in The Hague, among the nationals of the powers that remained neutral during the war. The Greek government administered the occupation of Smyrna from 21 May 1919. A protectorate was established on July 30, 1922. The treaty entrusted „the exercise of their sovereign rights to a local parliament,“ but left the region within the Ottoman Empire.

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