This is the first and hardest of the agreements. All other agreements are based on the maintenance of this agreement. Your word is your attachment and the reflection of who you are. The other side is that your employee becomes a representative of your word. Do your customers care if a bad employee or a good employee was rude? You don`t, you just know it happened because of your business. Be blameless with your word; Be honest and do everything with integrity. I know it was written a few years ago. And I still have to take into account some of the author`s misunderstandings about wisdom in „The Four Accords.“ Note that the beginning of the book on domestication and dreams is an important preface to understanding the power of new chords. To do this, Ruiz presents four new agreements that, if adopted, will change our entire vision and transform what could be a personal hell into serenity and freedom. We have to break a lot of old agreements and change a lot of domesticated beliefs to actually have a space for someone`s violation or anger on us, without judging, withdrawing, defending, accusing, intellectualizing, you share their dream. Engaging in these four agreements will be the hardest thing we have ever done. As Ruiz warns: „Almost all of our personal power is invested in respecting the agreements we have with ourselves.

This is because our agreements are actually like a strong addiction. We are addicted to being the same as we are. We are addicted to anger, jealousy and self-pity“ (110). But if we work hard, practice regularly, and constantly focus on love and forgiveness, we will transform into our true self: powerful, loving, free. I`m glad you took the time to read the article and use some new tips. I, too, have a hard time sticking to agreements all the time, but I do my best. Do you think 🙂 Thank you, Allan, for sharing your wisdom. I am honoured that someone of your stature would take the time to read my contribution and clarify the importance of the agreements.

How do we know the correct interpretation of Ruiz`s reference to John 1,1-5? We could break one of his four agreements and make an assumption about his intention. Or if you`re really interested in the truth, you might ask him. Always do your best! You can`t practice the other chords and sometimes or every time you feel like it, if you really want to change. It may seem like a breeze, but if you do your best in all situations, you have the best chance of succeeding in everything you want to accomplish. Recognize that your best will change from day to day. Don`t fight if you don`t make as much effort as yesterday, do your best for today. Once you`ve learned of a new agreement, you don`t need to focus your attention on it anymore. It will be automatic and your answer is always the same. All the ancient chords that govern your life are the result of repetition over and over again, and the repeated action of using the Four Chords will break many of the chords that make life difficult and unpleasant.

Of course, it takes a lot of time and courage, so let`s create something that will remind you to draw your attention to this process and practice it over and over again until you master it. What I learn is that I train myself by being more aware of how I pour out my energy – emotionally, spiritually and professionally. After a while, like any new model we practice, it becomes a routine and finally with enough repetition to a lifestyle. For now, I have to remember how I want to use my energy, and it`s still a daily practice. Now that I have the chords and, thanks to Janet, the tools that will help me implement them, I look forward to the day when it will no longer be a practice, but a whole new way of life. One of the most important wisdom teachings of the Tolèque tradition is that we all dream – a unique vision and experience of the universe. It`s at the beginning of „The Four Chords“ and my experience is that a lot of people slip through that part and go to the chords.

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