„User“ – the renter, the driver and the additional driver, hereinafter referred to as „User“, in the general conditions of the vehicle rental contract. Any potential assignee who makes available to a lessor, under a lease agreement, a form preprinted as a lease agreement must provide the lessor, at the request of a lessor, with a Spanish translation of the pre-printed form. If this is not a viable solution, you may be allowed to sell the car or truck and use the product to pay for the contract in what is called an early redemption, subject to the terms of the lease agreement. However, they remain responsible for the aforementioned termination and depreciation fees. And while this may not be a solution if you`re on a fragile financial footing, it`s usually possible to trade in the vehicle and either do so or buy another one, but with all the costs incurred in the new deal. Car manufacturers sometimes offer special promotions for lessors who were approaching the end of their contracts in order to bring them earlier into new vehicles without suffering any penalties. The law implies the obligation for each party to act in good faith and to treat the other party fairly when performing or enforcing the contractual conditions. This tacit agreement is the subject of a contract, as if the treaty expressly stipulated this requirement of good faith and fair trade. To act in good faith and act fairly, a party must act honestly in the performance or application of the treaty.

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