A script is a sequence of textual characters written in a programming language that commands functions and performs tasks on websites or in software. Cookie scripts are the code that the site can implement in its source code to manage cookie control and end-user control, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Add the code to your website just before closing Tag. The code displays a floating banner at the bottom of the site, which informs the user about the use of cookies and gives him a link to another website with more information about cookies. When the user clicks on the „✖“ button, the banner uses a cookie that remembers that the banner has been confirmed so that the same user is not disturbed again. Please note that because the script is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provided for static content distribution through Cloudflare, there are other cookies that are set by these companies, which you must abide by and include in your privacy policy. Click here for more information. The hosted version of the Cookie Consent Manager offers additional features such as: The ad-tech industry is as big and complicated as a cookie script is technical. Cookiebot script cookies are regulated from the point of view of the developer and operator of the website. A „cookie“ script is a very technical thing, but it`s also very simple: your protection of the user against the titanic ad-tech industry. Our cookie message scripts protect your users` privacy. Once properly implemented, the cookie consent banner is displayed when a user arrives on your domain and gives them the choice of consent.

In 2018, the EU passed a law called GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – which requires site operators to obtain a user`s prior consent before enabling cookies and tracking on their website. Our cookie scanner installs a window and shows all the behavioral markets of surveillance capitalism. Cookie-Script can delete all cookies until the visitor accepts the cookie policy. This is optional, so you can comply with both the GDPR and the CCPA. You can also block third-party cookies Cookiebot is today due to our well-thought-out and processed cookie scripts that enable full GDPR/ePR and CCPA compliance, quickly to the industry standard de facto cookie solution when it comes to website and tracking cookies. In the case of a cookie script, we are talking about a code that will be inserted into the coding of the site in order to specifically manage the cookies and online tracking that are present and work on this site. Cookie Script automatically scans, categorizes and adds a description to all cookies found on your site It is the responsibility of the website developer who uses this plug-in to verify that cookies are set at the right time. This site and its owner assume no responsibility for the integration or behavior on any other site. By using this plug-in, you agree to these terms.

A cookie script with its Cookiebot cookie approval text allows site owners to protect the privacy of their end users and ensure the protection of their personal data, so it doesn`t put huge behavioral markets into circulation without their knowledge and consent…

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